Boards and Committees

About the Board

The Planning & Zoning Commission advises the City Commission on planning, zoning, and subdivision matters.  They grant variances as permitted under the Zoning Ordinance.

Current Members
  • Harold Price
  • Audrey McAker
  • Annie Hall  
  • Lance DeFever                    
  • Darville Orr
  • Ty Stubblefield
  • Rachel Schmidt
About the Board

The Board of Adjustment considers appeals from decisions made by the Building Official under the Zoning Ordinance.

Current Members:

  • Cleo Meaker
  • Lyndon Field
  • Kevin Hunt
  • Dick Stowers
  • Lynn Allison
  • Roy Morriss 
About the Board

The Construction Board of Appeals considers appeals from decisions of the Building Official under the building codes.

Current Members:

  • Matt Hinton
  • Larry Baker
  • Hugh Hall
  • Tim Roberts
  • Bobby Burns, Alternate
  • Carl Novian
  • Kevin Redding
  • Josh Crawford, Alternate
About the Board

The Lovett Memorial Library Board makes recommendations to the City Commission on the operation of the Public Library.

Current Members

  • Jana Vinson
  • Katherine Flume                                        
  • Jerri Erickson
  • Harold Taylor
  • Rochelle Lacy                 
About the Board

The Hidden Hills Golf Advisory Board advises the City Commission on matters involving the operations of the public golf facility.

Current Members
  • O. K. Lee
  • Rusty Tapp
  • Tom Lindsey                   
  • Chuck Morgan
  • John Howell                   
  • Stuart Smith
  • James White 
  • Gray County Judge, Ex Officio 
  • City of Pampa Mayor, Ex Officio