our Mission

The Parks Department mission is to provide citizens and guests with well-maintained public parks, enhancing the quality of life as well as providing recreations and leisure opportunities to help instill pride in our community.


The responsibilities of the Parks Department are to maintain 42 parks through mowing, trimming, minor landscaping, litter control, tree trimming, planting, and fertilizing.  Maintain and repair 106 pieces of playground equipment, 8 restrooms, 9 drinking fountains, 130 picnic tables, 58 fire grills, 8 covered shelters, 1888 trees and 68 benches.  The Parks Department is responsible for maintaining barrier posts that border parks, 116 trash barrels, and security lights in 30 parks, in addition to installing new facilities, outdoor equipment and sprinkler systems.  The Parks Department also maintains the grounds at City Hall, Lovett Memorial Library, the medians at Somerville and 23rd streets, city owned properties bordering Red Deer Creek, Fire Tower Training facility and Service Center grounds.  City Hall small parks are reseeded and fertilized annually, and Central Park is fertilized as needed.  Other duties include the installation and repair of seasonal decorations, removal of snow and ice, cleaning 3.5 miles of hike and bike trails and assisting other departments as needed.

The Parks Department also assists in emergency response and clean up in disasters, weed and mosquito control, reporting and correcting vandalism in parks and assisting in special events, such as Chautauqua, July 4th Celebration, Woody Guthrie Festival, Christmas Parade, and other events supported by the Parks Department.  This department works in conjunction with Clean Pampa, Inc. to help coordinate efforts in the Adopt-a-Park Program.

Goals And Objectives
  • Support other departments in general operations of the City requiring the use of heavy equipment.
  • Establish a good working relationship with the citizens of Pampa and respond to their needs in a timely fashion.
  • Maintain Parks and Facilities in a safe, clean and functional condition conducive to outdoor recreation enjoyment.
  • Provide a safe environment in which to work.
  • Clean the Hike-n-bike trail, removing all weeds, grass and dirt off the trails.