Waste Water Treatment

Our Mission

The mission statement of the Wastewater Treatment Department is to maintain proper, efficient operation and maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Facility and to consistently discharge treated water which is in compliance with EPA and Texas commission on Environmental Quality permit requirements.


The Wastewater Treatment Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of two collection system lift stations and the Wastewater Treatment Plant and also the Prison Lift Station.

The Department is operated by Operations Management International, Inc. (OMI), and operates under permit #0010358-002 issued by Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission and permit #TX0027618 issued by the U.S. EPA.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is equipped with a bar screen, grit removal unit, oxidation ditch (which includes six aeration devises), two secondary clarifiers, a sludge thickener, three RAS pumps, one WAS pump, chlorine feed facilities, sulfur dioxide feed facilities, a chlorine contact/de-chlorination basin, two reuse pumps, 44,000 square feet of sludge drying beds and a 1-meter belt filter press sludge dewatering facility.

Current Permit limitations listed in the facilities NPDES permit for discharge into Red Deer Creek are as follows: Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen demand 10mg/L on a monthly average and 15 mg/L on a 7-day average; Total suspended Solids on a monthly average 15 mg/L and 25 mg/L on a 7-day average; Ammonia-Nitrogen on a monthly average 3 mg/L and 6 mg/L on a 7-day average. A minimum total chlorine residual of 1.0 mg/L is required in the effluent for disinfection. After disinfection, it is required that the effluent be de-chlorinated to a residual no greater than .099 mg/L.

The Wastewater Plant’s Treatment capacity is 3.0 MGD with a peak hydraulic capacity of 6.0 MGD. Lagoons are available for storage of flows in excess of the plant capacity. The stored sewage can later be treated during normal plant flows.

The Department is staffed with one Project Manager (1/2 time spent on water filtration plant, booster station and wells), one lead operator, one operator, and one maintenance technician (3/4 time spent on water filtration, booster station and wells). Operator certifications are as follows: A=1, B=1 and C=1.

The operators at the wastewater plant have made it a goal to improve the facility appearance and look forward to the opportunity to show off the facility. Last year we had a couple of tours and the participants were impressed with the facility and the technology used. We hope by the time the same people come back we will impress them once again with new additions to the facility.