Water Production/ Treatment

Our Mission

The Water Production Department's mission is to provide potable water of a quality which meets State and Federal drinking water standards in sufficient quantity to meet the City's daily and seasonal peak demand and storage requirements. 


The Production and Treatment Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Water Filtration Plant, two Booster Stations, three Elevated Storage Tanks, five Ground Storage Tanks and twelve Water Wells, also Prison Pump Station, one Elevated Storage, one Ground Storage and four Wells.

The Department is operated by Operations Management International, Inc. (OMI), Englewood, Colorado and operates under permit by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality – Water Supply #0900003.

The City of Pampa is one of eleven cities comprising the Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (owners of Lake Meredith) with an allocation of 7.163%.

The Water Treatment process for RAW water obtained from the CRMWA includes coagulation-flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection. The treatment process for city owned ground water is disinfection only.

Operators are responsible for bacteriological sampling of all water in the system. Other tests include Turbidity, total chlorine residual, free chlorine residual, Alkalinity and pH.

The Water Treatment Plant and Water Supply System are inspected every other year or annually by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

The Department is staffed with one Project Manager, one Operations Supervisor, one Operator II, one Maintenance person and one Operator. Departmental personnel are required to be certified by the TCEQ. The staff includes one “A” Certified Water Operator, one “C” Certified Surface Water Operators, one “C” Certified Groundwater Operator, one “C” certified Water Distribution  and two “D” Certified Water Operator.  The Project Manager, Operations Supervisor and Lead Mechanic will split their time with Water Production and Wastewater Treatment.

The employees of the Water Treatment Plant have a great sense of pride in their work. This is evident in the way the facility has improved over the last year. The City should be proud to have local operators who are among the best in the area treating water with state of the art technology. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of City Hall, the City Commissioners, and their continuous efforts to assure the newest technology is identified, explores, and implemented when feasible.