Family Disaster Plan

About Disasters

A disaster can strike quickly and without warning.  It can force you from your home (Evacuation, Shelter, and Mass Care) or it can confine you to your home (Shelter0in-Place) with little time to prepare.

Basic services such as water, gas, telephones, and electricity may be turned off, or might be damaged and not working.

About Family Disaster Plan

The best way to prepare for a disaster is to have a “Family Disaster Plan”.

Red Cross

The Gray County Area Chapter of the American Red Cross is our local authority for disaster training for area citizens.  The Red Cross has brochures that will assist you in making decisions about your family preparedness planning.

Serious Incident

In the event of a serious incident, you may be asked to evacuate your home.

Under current law, the State of Texas does not have a forced evacuation law, and therefore, you can not be forced to leave your property.  Staying may not be a wise choice!  However, should you elect to remain; you may place yourself and your family in serious danger.

Emergency personnel may not be able to enter an evacuated area due to hazard, and therefore, you may be on your own.

In the event emergency personnel direct you to leave your home because of a chemical spill or other hazard, it is recommended that you follow their directions.