Animal Services Officer

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Animal Services Officer position is a rotating position in the shelter cleaning and caring for the shelter and the animals in the shelter, and working the front counter waiting on citizens with complaints, reclaims, adoptions, and general office work. Field work includes enforcement of state and local ordinances, the humane capture and transport of stray animals, release of wild animals, gather supporting documentation to obtain convictions in court cases, maintenance of equipment and city vehicles; promotes efficiency and effectiveness as a pubic service. Patrols and responds to complaints from citizens related to animals in violation of municipal code, investigates animal bites, welfare/cruelty to animals, wild animals within the city, and assists in tranquilizing stray animals that methods of conventional capture has not worked. 

1. Inspects shelter and compound to insure everything is in proper working condition
2. Does minor repair and reports major issues to the supervisor
3. Is responsible for feeding and watering the animals
4. Cleaning and sanitizing the kennels and catteries as needed at a minimum of once a day
5.Cleaning and mopping the shelter
6.Monitors health of the animals and reports any signs of illness or injury to the supervisor
7. Responsible for daily kennel intake records and entries to computer
8. Taking calls from the public
9. Performing adoptions and reclaims and proper handling of all paperwork and computer entry associated with it
10. Posting animals on the city website
11. Responsible for preparation of rabies suspects
12. Euthanasia of animals
13. Works with livestock large and small and wildlife
14. Extensive contact with the public
15. Vaccinating and weighing animals on intake
16. Responsible for vet transports
17. Micro chipping animals when needed
18. Transport of animal carcasses to landfill for disposal
19. Daily inspection of vehicle and equipment and maintaining inspection report
20. Responding to calls from the public dispatch
21. Investigates bite incidents, citizen complaints, and cruelty/welfare cases and prepares necessary documents associated. 
22. Makes decisions with calls from the police department, other city departments, or related agencies
23. Enforces state and local laws regulating animals
24. Interviews witnesses of alleged violations
25. Impounds dogs, cats, and other animals in violation of local or state codes. 
26. Issues written citations to owners of animals in violation of state or local codes
27. Maintain detailed records of daily activities
28. Performs minor repair to equipment, traps, staffs, and etc
29. Processes paperwork through the courts
30. Maintain drug logs concerning euthanasia
31. Restraint and handling of livestock
32. Any other duties assigned by animal services supervisor

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

Good physical condition must be able to stand for long periods, walk, extend high, low, crawl, in unfavorable conditions inside and outside, and lift on occasion in excess of 100 lbs. must mentally be able to deal with aggressive people, animals, and sick diseased animals. Will require rotating shifts and weekend work and 24 hour call back. 

Licenses/Registrations Required

Valid Texas driver license, high school diploma or GED, Euthanasia certification within 4 months, basic animal control officer certification within 1 year of employment. Experience in the care of animals and livestock. Able to keep records and prepare reports; supervise others and establish and maintain a professional working relationships. Ability to make decisions in emergency or uncommon situations. Ability to learn the procedures and practices of animal services; must have the ability to communicate and perform professionally with the general public and other related agencies.