Goals and Objectives

  • Provide a safe and efficient collection of wastewater (sewer).
  • Reduce wastewater stoppages (sewer chokes) through a scheduled main line cleaning program
  • Improve response time on emergency stoppages
  • Reduce wastewater stoppages (sewer chokes) caused by grease buildup through a grease trap inspection and B.E.F. (Bacteria, Enzymes, Fungi) program
  • Improve streets and alleys by adjusting the grade on manhole lids and clean out plugs and keeping them properly marked
  • Video inspect mains and laterals to curtail infiltration/inflow into the collection system and to reduce cost of treatment at the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Smoke testing the collection system to curtail infiltration/inflow into the collection system.
  • Repair and/or replace main sewer lines as needed to keep the collection system working properly.
  • Replacement of old cast iron sewer lines under streets and highways by use of pipe bursting technology.
  • Update the collection system grid map and input information into database for easy and more accurate access to collection system information.
  • Training on excavating, trenching, shoring, and confined space entry.
  • Maintain a safe working environment for the employees & the general public in work zones.

To accomplish these goals the City of Pampa Wastewater Collection Dept. personnel regularly performs preventive maintenance on the collection system by annually:

  • Cleaning 200,000 lineal feet of main sewer lines
  • Cleaning 200 manholes
  • Repairing 25 manholes
  • Locating and raising 200 manholes
  • Video inspect 10,000 lineal feet of main sewer line
  • Smoke test 75,000 lineal feet of main sewer line