Hike-N-Bike Trail

Hike-N-Bike Trail Map
Path of the Trail

As the Hike-N-Bike Trail winds through town, it passes an Art History Wall that depicts the western heritage of the area.

Then it passes in front of a huge, metal musical staff representing the song “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie, a former Pampa citizen.

Next stop on the trail is a covered shelter within yards of several restaurants and a hotel.  Across the street and around the bend is a steel sculpture of a giant lizard that was created by area students.

After that comes a playground in Highland Park that is shaded by large trees.

In Central Park, the trail connects to a skate park and to a restroom facility.

Nearby is an outdoor amphitheater that hosts many programs, most notably the annual Chautauqua celebration that attracts hundreds of area residents for a day of fun.

After winding through a park area of wide-open spaces, the trail passes the MK Brown Swimming Pool, which is attractively landscaped with wildflowers.

The remaining sections of the trail wind through residential areas.