our Mission

The Streets Department's mission is to ensure quality service and to provide safe travel throughout the City of Pampa, Texas.


Maintenance of:

  • 137 miles of asphalt
  • 5.7 miles of concrete
  • 1.25 miles of brick
  • 14.67 miles of unpaved streets
  • 86.67 miles of unpaved alleys
  • 1.4 miles of paved alleys
  • 252.34 miles of curbs and gutters
Maintenance work includes
  • Sweeping
  • Hot mix patching
  • Crack sealing
  • In-house strip seal coating
  • Hauling sand and gravel
  • Mowing of 16 miles of highway right-of-way
  • 20 miles of street right-of-way

There are 7.57 miles of storm drains, 240 storm in-lets and 3,861 traffic signs and street markers in the city.  We have 961 intersections, 313 of which do not have traffic control signs or devices.

Once a year, 5.7 miles of crosswalks, 4.77 miles of curbs, 17.1 miles of driving lanes and 9.6 miles of parking stripes are repainted.

There are also seven bridges to be maintained, which includes the repair/painting of guard rails, and maintenance of 37 barricades.  There are forty-four traffic signals to keep functioning.

The Street Team cooperates with other departments in carrying out general operations of the city.

  • Working with the code enforcement department by:
    • Mowing vacant lots and alleys
    • Demolishing old structures upon request
  • Assisting the police and fire departments by
    • Barricading streets
    • Picking up glass or any other unforeseen hazard