Animal Services


            The mission of Animal Control is to enforce all state and local ordinances involving animals and their rights and to reduce the risk of disease and injury to both our citizens and their pets. Animal Control promotes responsible pet ownership and education for pet owners.


            Animal Control patrols the streets of Pampa, and responds to all complaints received. The department handles all species of animals, dead and alive, and continues a constant battle against their unjust and unfair neglect. Animal Control devotes all efforts to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, the responsibilities involved in owning a pet and all laws which involve pets. Animal Control makes every effort to find good homes for all unclaimed animals and assure a kind and painless death to those unfortunate ones for which homes are not found. Those unfortunate ones are the reason for education.

Injured Animal or Person Bitten

If you are reporting an injured animal or a person bitten by an animal, please call: (806) 669-5700  ( 24 hours a day.)

Lost or Found Animal 

If you have lost or found an animal, check with us first. (808) 669-5775

We are required to hold

  • Untagged animals 3 days
  • Tagged animals 6 days

The shelter keeps lost and found records to help unite you and your pet.

All animals located at the shelter are pictured in the "Adoptable Animals" link on the left. 

Something to Remember
  • “Spay & Neuter”
  • “Vaccinate”
  • Most Important:  “Keep Pets Safe”

NOTE:  Leash Laws and Vaccination Laws are strictly enforced.

NOTE:  Animal Control Officers work calls as they come in, so
            please leave your information on the answering machine.

NOTE:  Roosters are not allowed inside the city limits.