Fire Department Recruitment

Goal: To keep a current list of potential recruits to fill firefighter vacancies. This process is to be conducted twice yearly with target dates of March and September. Each list will expire upon conception of the one that follows. 

For information on departmental vacanies please contact Captain Presson at 806-669-5800

New Recruit Testing Date/Time: Saturday March 25, 2017 / 9:00 a.m. 

New Recruit Test Site: City of Pampa Recreation Center 12065 E. Frederick Ave.

Please read and understand all of the directions that follow.
Necessary/Requested documents are attached at the bottom of this page.

Steps to be taken:
1) Obtain a City of Pampa Job Application. 



  • APPLY HERE (Not Currently Accepting Applications)

In Person

  • City of Pampa Human Resources
    200 W. Foster​​
    Pampa, TX 79065
  • The City of Pampa Fire Department 
    203 W. Foster
    Pampa, TX 79065

Accompanying that Application (in all formats) shall be: 

  • Notice of Intent to Test
  • Pampa Fire Department Personal history Statement
  • Authorization for Release of Personal Information
  • Release and Waiver
  • PFD New Recruit Information

2) Candidates must complete:

  • City of Pampa Application (whether online or paper)

Online applications will be submitted directly to Human Resources. 
Applicants whom obtain these documents in person shall retain them until the date of testing. 

3) Candidates must then complete:

  • Pampa Fire Departmenr Personal History Statement
  • Authorization for Release of Personal Information (Notarized)
  • Release and Waiver (Notarized)

Online applicants MUST print and assemble these three documents within a packet. 
The packet is to be kept in candidate's possession until date of testing. 

4) For test ordering purposes, candidates must submit ONLY the "Notice of Intent to Test" to Captain Kasey Presson on or before the stated deadline.

In Person - 203 W. Foster
                   Pampa, TX 79065

By Mail -    P.O. Box 2499
                  Pampa, TX 79066
                  (Must be received prior to deadline)

By E-Mail -
                  (Must be a scanned image with and accompanying e-mail)

Captain Presson will call the phone number listed to verify receipt. 

5) Candidates will arrive at the testing facility on morning of the New recruit Written Exam. 

  • Candidate must arrive on time. - (9:00 a.m.)
  • Candidate must present a valid photo ID with name matching that of the "Notice of Intent" on file. 

6) The written entrance exam will commence. 

Candidates will be instructed the means by which/when grades will be posted. 

7) Candidates whom achieve a passing grade (70% or better) will be invited to continue with the recruit testing process. All others will be dismissed. 

Physical Agility Testing will commence at the discretion of the Pampa Fire Department Training/Safety Officer. (Typically conducted the same day, as weather allows.)