Our Mission

Dispatching Services is committed to providing fast and accurate support to fire, police and ambulance personnel as they serve the emergency needs of the citizens of Pampa and our surrounding service area.


Dispatching Services Department is part of the total emergency services team, supplying vital support functions in providing efficient, cost-effective emergency response to the citizens of Pampa and Gray County. To ensure success, there must be a total effort to guarantee that four major components of emergency communication are constantly present:

  • Dependability – dependability of our communications system provides that the system will be available and in good operating condition at all times.
  • Accuracy – police officer, fire fighter, ambulance personnel and citizen safety is dependent on a high degree of accuracy in the emergency transmission. It is vital that proper, complete and correct information be communicated to the emergency responder.
  • Speed – the immediate arrival of an emergency responder at the scene of an incident is imperative in the protection of life and property or the apprehension of criminals.
  • Security – the need to limit tactical information to emergency response personnel only.

In addition to emergency response, Dispatching Services provides the communication link between citizens in need of service and various City departments that provide the service. To meet these objectives Dispatching Services Department is staffed seven days a week, twenty-four hours per day. Dispatching Services is under the direct supervision of the Police Department’s Assistant Chief of Police.