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Our Mission

The mission of the Pampa Police Department is to provide the absolute best Police services possible to the citizens of Pampa and those who choose to visit our community. The Pampa Police Department employees strive to achieve this goal with a spirit of excellence and a servant's heart. We believe in community oriented policing in accordance with Local, State, and Federal laws. We consider it a great honor to be able to serve the City of Pampa and we are committed to doing so with the highest regard to courtesy, respect, and fairness. We will strive to gain and maintain the highest level of training and education for our employees all in an effort, along with other departments in the City of Pampa, to make Pampa the pride of all who live here, and the envy of those who do not. 

Chief's Message

It’s an honor for me to serve with the men and women of the Pampa Police Department.  Pampa is a great community in which we all feel honored to live in.  To be able to serve this community with the greatest regard to professionalism and courtesy, I know, is very important to the personnel here. 

Our department is comprised of the following: records division, patrol division, criminal investigations division, administration, communications division.  In every division, great emphasis is placed on giving the best service possible to the public.  And I have to say, they do so without pause. 

Our department also strives to take care of ourselves.  We believe in caring for our co-workers.  We understand this department is a quasi-family.  In that, we understand we are going to have disagreements, arguments, etc…..But, we are also going to be there when we are needed most.  We understand the essential need for us to respect one another, support one another, acknowledge each other’s accomplishments and help each other when we fall.  That’s what a family is…..that’s what Pampa PD is. 

Being a Police Officer is not for everyone.  But, for those who choose this career, rewards are immeasurable.  There are rewards in being a Police Officer salary cannot cover.  We impact people’s lives every day.  We determine whether or not that is in a good way, or bad.  That’s why we maintain a high level of respect and understanding when interacting with the public.  However, Police Officers are human.  They have feelings, they have problems, and yes, they do make mistakes.  Vigilance is vital to our success as Officers.  We must learn from mistakes, stand on our problems and allow ourselves to be helped when needed.  It’s important to our being a successful Officer, but more importantly, a successful person.  Here at the Pampa Police Department, being a great husband, father, mother, wife, son, or daughter is most important.  We believe being that will make you a better Police Officer, not the other way around.  That’s why we must support each other as a family. We do not separate that notion by division…..we are all one.

Again, it’s an honor to be a Police Officer and an even greater one to serve with the men and women of the Pampa Police Department.  I am very proud of all of them.

Chief Lance F. Richburg