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our mission

The mission of the Solid Waste Collection Department is to provide refuse collection services for the citizens of Pampa. This is done in conformance with applicable state and federal standards in the most efficient and effective manner practicable. 


All refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers must have the refrigerant extracted by a licensed person. The compressor must be removed before it can be disposed of.


All dumpsters are for household, office or kitchen trash only. The homeowners or occupants are required to dispose of large items.  They can be taken to the City of Pampa Landfill.  There is not a charge for citizens of Pampa as long as it’s non-commercial.

Dumpster Pick-Ups

The residential dumpsters are picked up one time per week, and the commercial dumpsters are picked up on a set schedule as determined by the service that is required.  Extra pick-ups can be requested by calling; however there is an extra charge for commercial accounts. 


Grass should not be put in the dumpsters.  We have a grass route that we run from the first week of April through the end of September each year. 

For Wards Services

Set your grass bags in front of your house, behind the curb and keep the weight under 50 lbs per bag. We then take the grass to the landfill-composting site where it is processed and the end product is like very rich topsoil. This is available to be picked up at no charge.


We divided the City into four wards; grass bags are picked up one time per week.  Your pick-up day will be the same each week unless we experience a holiday or problems with equipment.  Pick-ups as follows: 

  • Monday - Ward 1
  • Tuesdays - Ward 2
  • Wednesdays - Ward 3
  • Thursdays - Ward 4